hi everyone I have been away for a bit working on my book and I think I am nearly able to publish the first chapter. I want you guys to understand this book means the world to me so I would appreciate it if you guys don't hate this and instead contact me if you feel like that, I'm here because I want to help others. I want you guys to read this book and think about who you want to be.

I have loved writing every minute of this book I hope you all enjoy it. all my love Emma xxx

Guess What I've Been Up To

I have some really exciting news to tell you guy's. I have been writing a book on how I grew up with Anxiety and some of my strategy's to cope with the condition. I don't know yet if the book will get published but I will keep you posted. I want to be able to express Anxiety as good thing so I wrote it all down. I am still currently writing the book but I have been able to post this very exciting picture of the front cover or what it will vaguely look like. Hopefully the back cover will be released soon. I can't wait to share my amazing story with you .

Best Wishes
Emma xxx
Welcome to my blog this is my first ever post and I'd 
Like to celebrate the making and launch of my YouTube channel MYLIFEISEMMA